3 Case Studies + Galllery

Roadhouse Christmas Brochure

Covent Garden's famous underground Rock n Roll bar and nightclub needed a Christmas brochure that would show off their exciting menus and offers for both festive dining and partying the night away.

The style needed to be fun and friendly yet cool. I think the overall aesthetic stays true to the Rockers whilst maintaining clarity when it came to the deals available.

The professionally taken photos speak for themselves and a good mix of photos showing drinks, overall atmosphere and Christmas feel needed to be just right, in order to promote the right vibe.

Tropicana Corporate Brochure

During the early years of Tropicana Beach Club, the features of the Tropical haven needed to be shared with those booking corporate events.

They key difference between this and any ordinary promotional brochure was to relate the spaces available to the nature of corporate events. All technical aspects we displayed and suggestions for types of events 

possible were shown in a practical, yet exciting way. The overall feel of the printed product was luxurious and vibrant. The digital accompaniment was equally optimised for viewers on their devices.


Group Corporate Brochure

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 23.17.33.png

Maxwell's Restaurants Group has had over 12 bars, restaurants and nightclubs that are all uniques brands that appeal to all types of audiences in London and across England.

This brochure needed to be fitting with the corporate clienteles expectation whilst assuring that each brand had it's own exciring appeal. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 23.17.33.png

I hand drew illustrations of areas in each venue that I thought would best capture the venue's feel. When combining the individual brand pages, it was important to unify a consistent style to remind the reader that this was part  of a group.