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Statistics, facts, list and other data made fun-to-read and understandable through the use of graphics, photos and illustrations.

Printed annual reports and statistical analysis, social media content and more.

My job is to make all points made in each infographic enticing for the target audience to read and easy to understand.

Social Media Campaigns

As part of a number of infographical/ illustrated social media content series as part of the Hackett and Tiger agency, infographics were made to specifically target a key audience for each brand.

All kept to a 2:1 ratio in size to be easy to view (without clicking) for twitter, which was primarily the most popular social media platform at the time. 

Some series included lists of things from topics that were popular with the specific audience, for example Brighton-based business owners targeting the locals, meant it would likely be successful to use a list of "things only a TRUE Brightonian would understand", in terms of engagement.

Research Reports

As part of the yearly research required for anti-bullying and pro-equality charity, "Ditch the Label" an annual report was to be made to display the sometime shocking statistics that they had found.

It was up to me to contribute some statistical representation in the form of infographics in order to help display the problems out society faces. These statistics would attempt to make the case for an

effective response and convince funders and businesses to get as involved as possible to help fight the cases of people relentlessly bullied and promote a more knowledgable, more accepting society.



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