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Old Compton Brasserie

Soho's new Old Compton Brasserie needed a logo and brand identity. The aim was to combine the same curated clientele as some of the well established venues in the area as well as the local Soho inhabitants. 

As a brand that appeals to both crowds, we wanted to make a mark in the area as an exciting brand, who understand the mentality and of the local young professionals.

Alongside an exciting menu and marketing campaigns, the face of the company needed to assure the more cultured crowd that this was also more luxurious brand, for a those with a more refined palette.. For this reason, the branding and interior/exterior design of the venue would be catered to their tastes. 

Tropicana Beach Club

The Tropicana Beach Club logo is based on branding you would expect to see more typically in a Caribbean holiday resort. After hundreds of colour combinations, orange, blue and green were chosen to reflect chosen internal colour schemes. 

We wanted customers to see the logo and instantly assume it is a ‘faraway tropical destination’ brand, to be surprised and delighted that in fact, this exotic venue can be found in London. A palm tree symbol suggests a tropical destination and is used throughout all communication.

The length of brand name allowed us to confront the duality of the venue‘s nature; playful and elegant. we thought a solid, firm foundation to 'tropicana‘ with rounded edges sitting gently on a charming script font would give the perfect impression (regarding the colour choice of colour would bring a sense of playfulness to this sophisticated coupling).

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Jack Beard Photo

Brief: Design logo for professional photographer to be used across digital platforms and optimised for printed purposes. 

The client  wanted an illustration involved. Intended to be used mostly for web but with the option for print, which meant there needed to be a simplified version as well.

After many initial sketches, I vectorised some ideas I thought would be interesting. After the client confirmed the end design, I optimised it for each end-point so that it could be seen and applied effectively.

Some of the initial sketches for potential illustration-based logo

Vectorisation and potential final logos sent to client for consideration

Final Logos, optimised for different applications

Logo applied for print and digital purposed


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