3 Case Studies

Viral Marketing

As part of a promotional campaign, for a new venue in Soho, the marketing director worked decided to brighten up a dull wooden hoarding surrounding the construction work and bring built excitement around the yet-to be establishment.

As with most new businesses, building a social following is vital in order to create credibility and genuine popularity among the brand. This was a chance to massively boost the critical mass needed for their social media before the venue officially launched.

 It was important to reflect the vibrant, eclectic feel of the area to show the brand is run be the same people who make the area what it is.

Old Compton Street, Soho, London, UK

Iconic Cabaret

Friday night's cabarey show, "The Service".

A show full of eccentric characters and iconic events from London's rich history. 

During the brief to create a brand image that reflects the sub-brand and complement Cafe De Paris' general brand feel, I needed to make posters and banners to entice passers by to watch the show.

large-scale banners to be display outside the venue,

small-scale posters and flyers for the inside of the venue. The posters had to be effective on both ends of the scale.

Leicester Square, London, UK

Rio Carnival hits London

Rio Carnival. An event that Brazilians and carnival lovers all  the world recognise as a time to party.

Every year, Tropicana Beach Club starts a parade in covent garden from the Head Office to the venue where the festivities really kick off.

In order to promote and get all Londoners in the West-End involved in the parade and ready to join in the festivities at Tropicana Beach Club. A number of different printed and digital posters, banners and flyers needed to be made to people excited.

The artworks needed to vibrant, colourful and exciting

- an exact reflection of the night itself. 

Covent Garden, London, UK


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