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After establishing the main themes, colour schemes and general aesthetic, I used the clients pre-existing logo to design the potential website and app user interface.

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Ryan Anderson Personal Trainer

The brief was to create a full branding concept for a personal trainer, along with all digital, printed and promotional materials.

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Promotional Materials, such as posters and flyers were design to attract attention and therefore did not always adhere to brand guidelines, as much.

Content for social media, such as banners, cover photos, infographics and general image content needed to be created and copy was written in a language and style that would appeal to the client's target market.

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Cliche Coffee-holic,

Likes Real Ales, Music & Film.

Works in City of London.

Sleeps in Hackney,

Educated in Brighton / Southampton.

Born and raised in Crawley,

Lives for Work, People & Work.

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