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Silkworm Moth

As part of a prmotional package to send to Art Directors I wanted to create a poster of the alias I used for my university blog - the silkwormmoth.


The concept of the name comes from the Bombyx Mori - a breed of moth cultivated for so long by humans, purely for the use of their cocoons (made from silk) that they have evolved to now produce more silk then any other moth and emerge from the cocoon without mouths and therefore cannot live more than a day.


They have a cute, fuzzy antenna which seems almost teddy bear-like to us but are actually the result of an overload of feramones that the moths emit, which drive them crazy, in order to find a mate so that the whole process of producing silk for humans can begin again.


I suppose this idea of spending your whole life producing something beautiful for other people to value and make use of, directly reflects the role of a creative professional in the capitalist world... and a role that I was about to take on. 


I started the process with a sketch, that I scanned and vectorised in Illustrator. I printed this black and white image onto acetate to be screenprinted. 


Once they were screenprinted onto a fold-out booklet. I scanned this in a again and created another colour scheme and added some other interesting textures, in order to eventually find materials with similar ones to screenprint (again) onto.


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